Maturitas Paper of the Year

Risk of asthma onset after natural and surgical menopause: Results from the French E3N cohort Bobette Matulonga-Diakiese, Dominique Courbon, Agnès Fournier, Margaux Sanchez, Annabelle Bédard, Sylvie Mesrine, Camille Taillé, Gianluca Severi, Gabriel Thabut, Raphaëlle Varraso, Bénédicte Leynaert Maturitas, Vol. 118, p44–50.

EMAS position statement: Management of depressive symptoms in peri- and postmenopausal women

EMAS has just published a position statement in Maturitas. The perimenopause is considered to be a time of increased risk for the development of depressive symptoms and major depressive episodes especially in women who have a history of mood disorder. EMAS recommends that awareness of depressive symptoms, early detection, standardized diagnostic procedures, personalized treatment and…