SAVE THE DATE | 15.-17.05.2019

EMAS Webinar



EMAS launches Webinar Series for midlife health and beyond. Topics address current research and analysis and offer peer-to-peer learning opportunities for our audience.

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Prevention of frailty in aging
Presented by Dr. Vincenzo Malafarina
Recorded on 20 September 2017

Menopause and the Metabolic Syndrome
Presented by Dr. Peter Chedraui
Recorded on 31 July 2017

Eating disorders in older women
Presented by Dr. Blazej Meczekalski
Recorded on 26 April 2017

Fertility preservation in women with primary ovarian insufficiency
Presented by Dr. Sofia Kalantaridou
Recorded on 28 March 2017

Menopausal symptoms in late reproductive years: Diagnosis and management
Presented by Dr. Paulina Villaseca Delano
Recorded on 25 February 2017

Mens’ health
Presented by Prof. Dimitrios G. Gouli
Recorded on 10 January 2017

Bleeding and the Menopause
Presented by Prof. Serge Rozenberg
Recorded on 13 December 2016

Contraception in the perimenopause
Presented by Prof. Alfred Mueck
Recorded on 29 November 2016

Perimenopausal problems
Presented by Dr. Iuliana Ceausu
Recorded on 31 October 2016

Genitourinary syndrome of menopause: current and emergent therapies
Presented by Prof. Faustino Perez-Lopez
Recorded on 21 September 2016

"Urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction"
Presented by Prof. Tommaso Simoncini
Recorded on 22 June 2016

"Screening for breast cancer "
Presented by Professor Herman Depyrere
Recorded on 25 May 2016

"Osteoporosis screening and treatment"
Presented by Prof. Stefano Lello
Recorded on 30 March 2016

"Managing menopause in women with pre-existing medical conditions"
Presented by Prof. John C Stevenson
Recorded on 22 Febuary 2016

"Premature ovarian failure"
Presented by Prof. Mehmet Levent Senturk
Recorded on 27 January 2016

"Managing menopausal symptoms"
Presented by Prof. Margaret Rees
Recorded on 18 December 2015

When and how should we prescribe HRT ?”
Presented by Prof. Irene Lambrinoudaki
Recorded on 26 November 2015

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